Jan. 29th, 2011

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(no Ted this not about you - it's about me)
My friends are sooooo intelligent. They can talk about issues that I kind of know about...but perhaps because how and where I was brought up, I focus on other things. Today...here...the politics here.

I have no fucking clue about Palestine and Israel. That's wrong, I know a bit but I don't understand why, the background, what made this happen? That makes me sound simple, so it's wrong, I have some idea, but I honestly can say that I can't have an opinion either way because I don't know enough to form one.

There are so many issues that you are all so educated about...and all I can add to some conversations is the latest news from the theatre world...(btw - Tori Amos' first musical is coming to the National this year)

I guess I sometimes feel stupid. Or perhaps uneducated...because I know I am not stupid.

I fall I think, into this little gap....I am not the OK Magazine girl (kill me if I ever buy one) but I am not highly aware by searching and learning from the net, books, newspapers, whatever...But then again, I am not that....grrrr.

I know a lot of what I love (theatre, musicals, dance), but I don't know enough of what I really should? is that the right way to say it?

But can anyone really know all of several things (for lack of better word?) I would rather read Stage than something about what is going on politically (unless it affects theatre funding)...does that make me shallow? Ignorant?



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