Feb. 9th, 2011

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But Laughton's (which I never could pronounce correctly) is gone. On the bad side, a place, our kind of like a disco Cheer's is gone. It's sad. I have less memories (but just as foggy) of being there, being that I have only been going on/off for 9 years...but...still, I met my Stuart there... So sadness.

On the PLUS side of this - it seems that the 80's night has been handed to Jo (Magenta Moon) by Simon and with some secret weapons up her sleeve, and some amazing plans, she is bringing it back with the music that we love, the cheese that we love with some special stuff that I am sure will be amazing.

Also on the PLUS side of this - I am no longer banned (or 'asked politely') to not attend the 80's night as I will probably be working part of it...So...the great triple bill of football, 80's night and Nostalgia is back again and if we can win the football (I mean, when we win the football), with Ted at my side, amazing friends around me - the Sunday night will all be for the win!!!

Sadly, the Angel (to not confuse anyone - that is the one across from the Elsi) is closed. They have gone bankrupt. There is a small chance 'someone' will take it over before we get there, but although it would seem that with all the money we spend there, it would keep them in the black the entire year, it's just not the truth and although Whitby holds so many festivals over the year - it just didn't work. Emma is promising to keep me up to date if anything goes in there, but I have a feeling that we will need to find a new place to be our Cheers.I personally think the Res will now be too crowded with the Angel gang moving over and the Elsi is always tooooo small. So, I think Shambles, but I as you know, I pop around all the time while in Whitby, I will probably find myself dragging Ted to all of the venues.

Which for me is going to make this a special and different Whitby. I haven't had a boyfriend in Whitby since I was last up there with Steve (who was my husband)...and that's been YEARS! I think it's going to be odd having to consult someone on where we go, who we see, what we do..but I am looking forward to it. Hey - he doesn't know anything about the place, so he will have to rely on me! :) Cannot wait to share it with him and he meeting all my friends....Already I am seeing us having too much to do with not enough time, but still, that's the excitement of Whitby!!

And hey - I have someone to carry my suitcase!!! tee hee!


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