Feb. 17th, 2011

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So although I had a huge wait at the airport (with Wag's and good book so it wasn't that bad), the flight was pretty good with it being virtually empty so I had several seats so I could stretch out. Didn't sleep as much as I wanted on the flight...and I had to check my bag which meant I would have to wait for it...but when we arrived 20 minutes early (top pilot that man) I was all excited!

And then it happened. A full flight from Hong Kong had landed at the same time so the line for customs was GINORMOUS!!!! It was about 30 minutes waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Finally got to the guy and he asks if I was okay after ascertaining I live in London. 'I'm fine, just haven't seen my boyfriend since Christmas.'

'Well, then, let's get you out of here.' And stamped my passport.

Bag was sitting there all ready for me, I quickly went through the last of the security when I got stuck behind a family that looked like they had just moved from Hong Kong for all their luggage and was taking an eternity to walk out...I was getting cranky, especially as I had spotted Ted reading on his nook (like a kindle)..as I was hidden behind some man with a trolley of enough boxes that they were taller and wider than any of my tallest friends, he didn't see me until the very last second.

Cue big romantic reunion (no - I won't bore you with those details)

Waiting for me in the car was KFC mashed potatoes with gravy (I love that stuff and can't get it in London)

Long ass drive to Deer Park...

Ted has filled the fridge with lots of yummy things that he knows are my favourites..

Cue big romantic reunion again (definitely won't share those details)

We exchanged our Valentine's gifts. Pathetically, we both had the same idea...so we had to laugh when I got a bear and he got a kitten (not real live ones, mind you. Although Ted has always wanted a baby bear)

Now my body thinks it's about 11am...NY is telling me it's 6am. So...I have gotten up, had some food, a smoke and having a bit more wine before I try to get back to sleep.

It's so great to see my Ted again...these days will go way too fast...


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