Feb. 18th, 2011

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So yesterday after much faffing about, finally got out of the house. Well, I say finally - to me it was like 2pm...for Ted is was so not...But we went off to the outlets right by his house and went shopping for stuff.

I have dated men who liked to shop...but I generally hate it (lovely role reversal there with me sighing and begging to go to the pub while they gleefully try on stuff and just browse - I don't browse) - but as we had a mission (to get Ted clothes for Whitby), I didn't mind.

When I have gone shopping with most men I have dated, they do the 'I'm bored, are you done, can't I just go to the pub while you do this' thing..so yesterday was a ridiculous change.

He held my bag while I tried things on, he had an opinion on things which was not just to get me finished, he carried purchases, he opened doors, he was helpful, sweet and lovely. I could have cried to be honest. [livejournal.com profile] battyblingtrash - no more crab dances for me...Ted reminded me of [livejournal.com profile] tukie in the way that he treats me. I have a feeling that if you get to Whitby (and I pray that you do) - Tukie and Ted will be comparing notes on their insane girlfriends, while holding our bags, coats, watching our drinks and we get up to our normal antics.

So - what did I get?
2Betsey Johnson coats. They were 8 racks of buy one get one free!!!! In the end - the two cost only 100 quid (damn where is the pound sign on this American keyboard!)
Gorgeous skirt for work from Banana Republic - only about 20 quid
Sweet dress for work from Banana Republic - only about 30 quid
An irish rubber duck from Old Navy

Ted got three pairs of black jeans...we tried to get him boots but we weren't really happy with any of them...so..back to the drawing board.
We also tried to get him shirts that aren't either button down ones that you use for work or band t-shirts...FFS - tried the two 'goth' shops on Long Island...what a freaking joke. They were advertising Justin Bieber merch in one of them. *sigh* The good ol' days for goth on the Island are gone...gone.

Hungry little hippos we were and we were off to some Buffalo Wing place that Ted raves about. TBH, I was so tired, it was a bit overwhelming. There were too many choices for sauces! And btw - fried pickles (gherkins to the Brits) are weird...and I won't be trying them again.

Back at Ted's, we curled up on the couch, drank wine, laughed, watched telly..a normal night in for a normal couple (well, for us)...and finally went to sleep about 1am -ish.

Today - not sure the plan during the day...but tonight is dinner with another couple and then heading off to the city for a club. God I hope it's worth the trek. And me bringing a decent outfit.

So...I am spoiled with new clothes...and more importantly, someone who is just amazing. I can't tell you how much I am treated with the respect and care and attention that I (or anyone else for that matter) deserves. And you know what's great? I don't have that 'oh shit this is the honeymoon stage, it will just start to die off and all of it will be a pale imitation of itself' feeling. This IS Ted...he is just naturally caring, loving, attentive, sweet. Oh god, I think I am making MYSELF sick.

Okay....off to relax and snuggle, sort out a plan of action...or look online for clothes for Ted.


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