Feb. 19th, 2011

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...it couldn't have been more perfect....

Woke up and found it was a gorgeous day...brekki made for me by Ted (I could get used to this being spoiled thing) and then it was off to see Gnomeo and Juliet...it was a cute film with lots of inside jokes to other movies (I got most of them I think)...then we picked up our lunch from the house we had made before the movie and made our way to Oyster Bay. I had gone there every Sunday until I was about 5 or 6 with my entire Italian family...with the marquee and the food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) being made there and the total set up, people joked all we needed was a carpet and chandelier. And I just wanted to see it. Unfortunately, a 5 year old's memory is not what it should be and although I KNOW it was Oyster Bay, it wasn't the area we went to...but never the mind, we set up our little picnic...

wait..it's February....did you just say a picnic on the beach?

Yes, it was that beautiful yesterday. About 66 degrees..sunny...lovely...back to the picnic.

We sat on the beach, ate our sandwiches, laughed at seagulls (one was quite the bully, another did not like gummy bears)...and just enjoyed the sunshine, the day...

Eventually, it did get too cold and we wandered back home, rested and then got ready to go for dinner with Ted's friends, Jamie and James, who were so kind to let us stay at their home in December when I got stuck in NY and they were away...Chinese food was had, laughter and then my normally very good at maths brain failing.

Back to the house and we got ready to go to the city...(I naturally fell asleep in the car)... The club was actually okay...smaller version of Dead & Buried perhaps? I want to bring Dave Exile, Katy Kitten and Martin Old Goth over for a good session for these guys...oh and a whole bunch of us...it wasn't until the end that I finally got to dance..but a good boogie was had.

Back home...exhausted, Ted and I chatted, drank some wine (he was driving so had not had a drink) and finally fell asleep at an indecent hour.

Of course..that means that I am now up at a ridiculous hour as my body clock (or am I still tipsy from last night?) means that I think it's 3:45 in the afternoon so I ~must~ have had a lie in!

Last full day in NY with Ted... :(

Some errands (when I can wake him up...he's dead to the world right now), then dinner being cooked for us by his brother...

Tomorrow will just be about us...my last day in NY before I head back to London...but...don't worry! There will be a new countdown of how many sleeps until he is in the UK!! *bounce*


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