Apr. 14th, 2011

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So..I rushed out of work last night to meet the estate agents and perspective buyers. As usual, the entrance to Oxford Circus tube was closed so I walked to Goodge Street (I actually like the walk after work to Goodge Street. Clears my head and as it’s been relatively good weather (some days brilliant) and it’s good to get some exercise!)

Caught tube, then waited a while for the bus. I ended up being about 8 minutes late. (I hate being late). I saw them outside the flat and ran up apologising profusely.

‘No worries, I already showed them the flat.’


I told her (the estate agent) in no uncertain terms were she to enter my flat with buyers unless I was present. I don’t know these people from a hole in the wall and I have three cats (‘Oh we saw’ was the buyers response) I did tell her that I would be calling the landlords to ensure that this did not happen again. I wasn’t rude...but I was firm.

Bear in mind that I keep the dining room closed as the kitties tend to break things in there. If they had not noticed a kitty run in there when they opened it, they could have locked one of the kitties in there. GRRRRRRR

I left a message for my landlord who called me back shortly telling me she hadn’t listened to it. I explained the situation and she was very apologetic and told me she would speak to the estate agent. But...

She got all serious and I got worried. And although this is relatively good news, it’s not the way I would have like it to happen:

1) They have had very little interest in the flat. She thinks it’s because there will be some major work going on for the balance of the year which will raise the service charge (new road in front, redecorating of all the common areas). NB: This may raise my rent, although she didn’t say anything.
2) This is the bad one. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is having surgery in two weeks and will be unavailable for the following 2 months which means she won’t be available to do a sale even if one comes along.

What that means is that for the time being, I can stay in my flat. We discussed it and I told her that I really had no intention of leaving if there is any chance of me staying in the flat. Of course, though, they are not taking it off the market...but I told her I would need at least two to three months to move as I have a lot of expenses coming up until at least, if not longer, the end of the year.

So...I stay...and probably until the end of the year at least I have a feeling.


Maybe, just maybe I might be able to go to Whitby in November now...hmmmm anyone got space free? (just me, Ted will be busy in NY prepping for his move hopefully!)


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