May. 7th, 2011

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So, I have two perspective buyers coming today...and of course, I cleaned like there was no tomorrow or the royal family was coming over (thinking about it, if I knew there was no tomorrow, would I clean? Probably not...probably take the first flight to NY and spend the time with Ted, anyway I digress).

After I finished, (the house needed it anyway), I checked a website about how not to sell your house:

1. Leave the lawn: Well, I don't have a lawn, but I haven't cleaned up the balcony and since we don't have anyone picking up rubbish on the weekends, have placed a huge bag of rubbish out there. GOOD

2. Lingering Stench: Well, I cleaned the litter box. And have opened the door to the balcony bringing in fresh air. BAD

3. Express yourself: Well, I don't have a statement wall or anything like that. My walls are neutral...BAD

4. Playboy palace (i.e. hide all the things you wouldn't want your mom to see). I did hide those things...sorry, I don't think anyone should see my private life (and honestly, don't have that much..but if they open up a particular closet they may see some things, and another all my goth clothes) BAD

5. Distracting Doggie: Well, I have distracting cats. Jolie will be all over them! GOOD

6. Team Loyalties: Well, I don't have any teams I support here so, that's not a problem. BAD

7. Dirty Dishes: I can't let people see dirty dishes in my they are clean, but, there are some drying in the rack. GOOD?

8. Leave as it is: Well, I am going to point out the crack in the bathroom ceiling and the damp (which has been fixed twice) GOOD

9. Get-to-know-you Game (don't leave out personal possessions): Well, fuck that...I have loads of photos, momentos, stuff, are having a laugh if you think I am packing it up.GOOD

10. Pack it in (leave your furniture as it is): Well, I have my laundry rack hanging in my living room (no where else to put it) and I do have some excess GOOD.

I will be polite (but not putting on make-up, etc) but I will point out the 'problems' in the flat: the crack previously mentioned, the fact that being on the ground floor and having my bedroom wall against the common stairs, it can be quite noisy on the weekends, the barking dog next door, the problem with parking at times, the flood I had in the bedroom from the balcony, the kitchen sink being too shallow so when you wash dishes you get soaked (you have to put the water on full blast to get hot water)...I think that's it...

I won't point out the fantastic location, easy access to public transport, shops, GP, dentist...They can figure that out on their own.

So nervous!!!


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