May. 18th, 2011

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Anytime someone gets engaged, I think about the proposal...maybe because I wanted to hear something I never though I would hear....

Ted and I had talked and then agreed to get married ages ago. While he was here in the UK. But we said we would keep it quiet...because I wanted a 'proper' proposal and I wanted a ring. I know that sounds superficial and materialistic, but there is a romantic side of me...and that is where I was working from.

There were a few people that knew...some for obvious reasons (like explaining why I was starting divorce proceedings), some because they are just so close to me I couldn't help but share...

So I knew it was going to happen, just when I had no idea. I hoped it was before we met my mother, but I was still in the dark...and I liked that.

On Friday night we went to see Jim Jeffries at Carolines in the city...we had a great night, snuggled and cuddles through it all..walking through the city with someone who loves you is the most amazing experience. every time he pressed on my hand, stopped to hug me, it was magic...

I slept most of the way home on the LIRR, snuggled up next to someone who accepts and loves me for who I am, safe...

We got back to his and I came out of the loo, not very romantic of settings, but he pulled me close to him, said things that made me well up in tears and asked me...I said yes.


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