Jun. 12th, 2011

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Well, must start with last night. On the way home, my nose started running and I started to feel feverish. Got home...and the sneezing and runny nose came on like the devil itself and I felt like crap. Poor Ted, who has barely seen me or spoken to me this week could only look on via Skype and offer me sympathy.

So today:
- Woke up this morning with a killer headache - not a migraine, but a killer headache.
- Got off the tube to have it start raining on me. No umbrella
- Got to the office to find homeless man sleeping in doorway
- Got key stuck in security gate for 5th floor office, set alarm off
- One of the two shoots called off due to the rain
- Having to lay out the money for 24-hr locksmith to get key out of said security gate (if they show up)

On the plus side:
- Toolkit is in a good place although we haven't had amends from one of the senior bods here so it could all be shit in his eyes and we start all over again (which would mean I live here for the next 36-48 hours)

I can't wait to tell my boss (who is on holiday in Malta) when he returns that I am taking a day in lieu since I worked all weekend. And that I am taking it either this Friday or in July so I can flat hunt.

To be honest, I can't wait to find the new flat. I feel like I am in limbo. And I can't really save for the wedding when I don't know what the final cost of moving will be. I am trying...but it's just annoying.

Well, I am home now...and exhausted...just want to take a bubble bath, but don't have the energy to run one.



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