Jun. 23rd, 2011

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I have been searching for a new place for me, and eventually Ted, to move to...I know that I am very lucky to have had the place I live in for the past four years or so...the space I have for the money I spend. But FFS - the market is shit out there and is not making feel encouraged at all.

I have 7 viewings in the next three days. Cross fingers that one of them works out. We have had to broaden our search area as it looks unlikely we can stay in Hampstead Garden Suburb. I did look at Stoke Newington, but I just don't think it's for us, well for me. I love parts of it (Clissold Park for instance) and that a lot of my friends live there, but...I don't know, just doesn't feel like the right place for us.

So - we are looking at Hampstead Garden Suburb (of course), East Finchley, Finchley, West Finchley, Highgate, Friern Barnet, Muswell Hill and Mill Hill.

There is also the possibility of Bounds Green, Southgate (but it's in North London?), Tufnell Park, and Arnos Grove. Any thoughts about those? I don't know much about the areas but...well, input would be welcome.

We are looking for a two bedroom flat (minimum), wood/laminate flooring, unfurnished. Those are the main requirements. Outdoor space, period features are two other things we would love, but are not mandatory.

Of course - must allow cats.

I saw one the other day. You could not swing a cat in the kitchen. Seriously, it made my current one look huge. The second bedroom would have barely fit a single bedroom (it was a glorified walk in closet). In the bathroom, there wasn't a normal shower, it was about three feet above the tub...I know I am small but even I would struggle with that. Oh and the mirror was so high, I could just about see my forehead in it. So...that was a no.

The hard part is that this is for Ted and I. Although I know he trusts me and my taste, etc., how the hell am I going to live there without him, leaving space for him to move in next year? Me leave a closet empty???? This will be fun.

We have decided that although some of my furniture needs replacing - especially the couch (I am going to be so embarrassed having the movers move it) - we are going to wait until he moves over so that we choose things together and make it more of our home as opposed to my home that he moves into.

Anyway...that's where we are with the move. I have until the end of August, but I really just want to get it sorted as soon as so I can then concentrate on the wedding. Yes, [livejournal.com profile] alabastamasta, I have six months - but there is so much to plan and organise...

So...ta...and toodles for now.
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Our agency is kind enough to have bread, butter, marmite, peanut butter, jam, cereal, orange juice (some generic brand) every morning for us.

Please review that list.

Does it mention cream cheese? Does it mention Tropicana organge juice?

No, it does not.

I buy it for myself as that's what I like for brekkie. I don't like juice with bits, I only drink Tropicana and I like toast with cream cheese in the morning.

I noticed my juice was oddly finishing sooner than normally...It's not cheap and it's one of the few luxuries I am allowing myself as I save for move/wedding. So, I put my name on it. Didn't think it was necessary, but okay..fine.

So this morning I find someone using my cream cheese...I ask about it.

'It was in the fridge'

Um...so is a lot of other people's either brekkie food (one girl eats mackrel every morning), lunches, etc.

You didn't buy it, it's not what the office normally provides.

You are either stupid or rude...considering recent events, I am actually going with stupid which actually makes me angrier.


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