Nov. 23rd, 2011

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I just got a call from my GP who was upset that I was there this morning and not seen by him. He's offered to come by but I assured him that I am okay and just suffering from a lurgy...then he threw me a curveball...He's leaving the practice to move up north due to his wife's job relocating...AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH! He is my champion and he even he admits I won't get the treatment (some people say special treatment as who gets appointments as quickly as I do?) and that he will try to speak to his colleagues to ensure I am a 'special case'.

I will miss him horribly...he really cared. And someone who took the care to understand my life and situation in a medical way and just not dismiss me. (as my previous GP did)

Having a medical hero in your corner when you have ME is a godsend in the NHS. He cut through red tape, made people understand a condition they normally dismiss...and I am tempted to follow him up north. (I won't...but gosh, it's so tempting)

GP's like him are far and few between...he worked with my lifestyle, my work life...he worked to make me a controller of my illness and not a victim of it. And because of his interest and care (and from what I saw on his bookshelves an ever increasing library of work on ME) he took a genuine interest in my case. I am sad...and worried. What will I get next?


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