Jan. 13th, 2012

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Hello LJ...sorry I have been lapse in being here. I read...I promise. I even comment...but posting myself is something that I have been not doing.

Anyway so....what has happened?

I married my best friend, the light of my life, the ying to my yang, the chaos to my balance, the love that I lost and happily, thankfully found again...my Ted (are you gagging now? Sorry I can't help with barf bags). I know I sound like a Hallmark card on crack, but I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Yes, like everyone, he has his foibles (like I have), but even when he is driving me crazy (like leaving shit everywhere!!), we end up laughing about it..and there is a snuggle or a Skype-kiss at the end of it. 

The wedding is a blur..the whole day is sort of. 

The wedding day )

So that was the wedding. Pre-wedding, we had lots of running around getting stuff done, dinner with my family, Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day with Ted's family, lunch with both families (so they could meet pre-wedding). There was shopping, making of favours, almost falling over at the price of the cigars my Dad used to smoke, football, me behaving semi-Bridezilla, Ted being amazingly patient and wonderful, becoming friends (and also buying out all of the particular pinot grigio I like) with the local liquor store, my nails getting done (yes, I actually had girly hands!), small panics, large panics...lots of laugh and giggles. Post-wedding, there was a blissful NYE alone and at home with Ted (way too much alcohol), baking cookies, making lasagna and meatballs together, shopping, dinner out at the venue we had the wedding at (I wanted to actual eat the food everyone raved about and I couldn't eat!), Ted's painful toothache, lots of giggles and laughs and love. 

Oh - one moment that will be forever making me smile...we went to the supermarket to get stuff for our NYE feast when we were standing at the start of an aisle and I heard it...our wedding song. It's a Bon Jovi song, 'You wanna make a memory' and it wasn't a huge hit (I didn't even think it was released as a single until someone told me!) so most people don't know it. To have it played so randomly was just kismet I think...We had a little dance and snog much to the bemusement of the people there.

Of course, there was the airport and going back, me crying, Ted trying to hold it together. To be honest, he was in so much pain from his tooth, it helped him keep his mind off me leaving. At least that's what he said! 

I go back in February for a visit...in the meantime, we are sorting out tons of paperwork and red tape for both Ted and the kitties. 

So...what have you been up to?


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