May. 28th, 2011 11:57 am
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Maybe my idea of a perfect flat is wrong....but I love my flat, period features, lots of light,'s a perfect 1930's flat.

So, why are the buyers of my flat wanting to destroy it all???

Drop ceiling in the kitchen with a modern sliding door into the living room. And a door from the living room to the hall...wouldn't that make the living room seem smaller than it is? (it's not small, but know a little bit about interior design..or maybe I have common sense)

Ripping out the wardrobes in the main bedroom, moving the away the beauty of the view from bed over the park.

Bathroom to be completely redone...go for it...the leak from the flat above will still come through...

And the worst? I tried to be nice, explain the situation, that I don't have to move until the end of August...and the BITCH of the couple was so not caring that I wanted to hit her. I am trying to be honest about the flat, the reception (or no reception), the time table.....but she (and her mother) wouldn't hear it...'You should talk to your landlord about this' is the answer I got back.

Well, on the good side, they are going to gut the entire I am going to talk to my landlords and work with them. Why shouldn't I get my entire deposit back when they are going to redo everything???

If I can work that out, it saves me a lot of money of having the place repainted and more importantly, the doors which the cats have carved their own way into, not replaced. I will have it professionally cleaned once I leave, but the weight off my mind (possibly) of having to spend over £1000 to get the flat back to its original state is just amazing.

I did have to laugh at the male of this couple....he is so whipped it's pathetic.


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