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So I found a flat about a five minute walk from Finchley Central station. I didn't want to go farther out (although it's only one stop farther, it's the next zone) and the area is not ideal (okay, I am spoiled here) but it's a three bedroom for just £50 a month. Although coupled with the extra cost for Zone 4, it will end up being a bit more than just £50 a month.

It's first floor...again, not ideal. It has carpet in the hallway and the bedrooms, but the kitchen and living room don't.

The living room is a great size..definitely. The kitchen is an eat in kitchen (and it's 'almost' open plan between the kitchen and living room so it feels really large and airy). There is a dishwasher (a definite plus) and lots of cupboards. And a big fridge (Ted loves to cook like me and would find a small fridge hard I think)

There are two single bedrooms. One a little larger than the other, but both are small-ish. Would probably put the dining room table in the smallest of the two. Although it would be tight. The other single bedroom would be for Ted and his 'games' room/guest room (I don't really like the idea of games consoles in the living room).

The master bedroom has built in closets...not enough for all of my stuff and eventually Ted's so it might be that a wardrobe will need to be bought. (or I get rid of a lot of clothes)

There is a water closet/separate bathroom/toilet...and the tub room (for lack of a better word) really needs modernising which the landlord said he plans to do (I will make that part of the tenancy if we go for it).

There is a huge loft. HUGE! So lots of storage for Christmas stuff and other things. And the door for it is stained glass which when cleaned up will bring in some really nice light.

The outside of the house is not really nice...the person on the ground floor doesn't take care of the frot garden and the posts for the metal gate is rotting away.

I have another flat to see tomorrow's a little farther out still, but it's all wood flooring, and there is a garage as part of it...and there are built in closets everywhere...and it's the same rent I am paying now. *sigh*

Not sure what to do....thinking thinking thinking. Hard. I'm not just making this decision for me and the kitties, but for Ted and his cats...really hard.
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