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Okay...I know...I's this hyped up Hallmark created holiday which is ridiculous because you should show your partner every day how much you care....yadda yadda yadda. YAWN!

I have always loved Valentine's Day...sans no matter what, I had a Valentine - my dad...who, when healthy, never failed to make sure that I knew someone thought I was special. And just to cover that, 'but what about the rest of the year?' argument - he did.

Personally I find the haters of Valentine's Day fall into a few categories:
1) You don't have someone so you are feeling lonely with so much marketing around you telling you that you are worthless because you are alone. Fair enough dude. Got it...But there are some ways of dealing with that:
- the first thing NOT to do is to put down people who are celebrating and enjoying the day. Just don't piss on other people's wet dreams okay? It just makes you look bitter and sad
- the second is think about not whether YOU are getting a Valentine, but who can you make your Valentine. Valentine's Day is NOT just about romantic love (my dad proved that) but,especially if you want to go beyond the romantic hype of the day, about just showing someone in a little more than normal, that they are special. Take your best mate out to dinner or send him/her a card...whatever. Everyone loves to feel special and although we would all like it every day, at least there is one day that you can do it without (hopefully) seeming like a gushy, mushy idiot (or stalker)

2) You do have someone and you sit and whinge about it being a made up holiday:
- Um, it isn't and as many of these people are very intellectual and intelligent, please go on google and check it out.
- Accept that we live in a world of capitalism and yes, marketing and companies are going to take advantage of the holiday and try to make money. Deal with it.
- You don't HAVE to buy roses, cards, go out to an overpriced meal. One of my best Valentine's Days ever was takeaway Chinese over the kitchen table and my gift was pillows for his bed in his house. There wasn't a blooming rose in sight...Wait he did get me flowers...Iris...because someone who gets me roses doesn't really know me and I shouldn't be dating them in the first place.
The point is - YOU make the holiday if you want to make it a holiday. You don't have to follow the rules and considering the kind of people I know some of these haters are, I kind of scratch my head about don't follow the rules on most conventional things, why would you do on this?
- Again - you know what? I don't want to hear you put down the fact that I like to celebrate Valentine's Day. I love it. I have loved it single or not (the two times I didn't was when my dad couldn't send me a card either because he was too ill or dead)...perhaps I didn't have the greatest of times, but I made it for me. I brought in stuff to work (chocolates, cupcakes), I sent cards to friends who mean the world to me and I sometimes don't give them the love or attention I should or am able to...I made the holiday work with MY definition of it.
- And you still look bitter and sad if you piss all over my wet dream...

So I am going to enjoy this Valentine's Day with my absolutely gorgeous husband.

And just to add...I have one of the best men in the world...I know he thinks I am special every moment of the day...he not only tells me, but shows me. And I am so thankful....BUT :) if we want to make one day a little more special and all about us? (aside from our wedding day?)...bite me if you have an issue with it!

Date: 2012-02-10 02:46 pm (UTC)
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When Julian and I were househunting in Berkhamsted, he noticed that the local cinema were doing a Valentine's Day special, and said that next year when we lived there he'd take me. The next year, he wasn't there, so I went anyway, to a Valentine's Day showing of Casablanca, with oysters and champagne, with a single female friend. I think we were the only 'couple' there who weren't really a couple, but we still had a lovely time. I'm sure it's what he would have wanted. Like you say, what you make it.

I have just this minute got out of going on a business trip on Tuesday. Hooray! xxx

Date: 2012-02-10 11:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good for you babe..I hope that you and Gaius have the Valentine's Day that you both want...



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