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Birthdate:Nov 18
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
She'd been born in a spaceship that had been going from somewhere to somewhere else, and when it had got to somewhere else, somewhere else had only turned out to be another somewhere that you had to get to somewhere else again from, and so on. It was her normal expectation that she was supposed to be somewhere else. It was normal for her to feel that she was in the wrong place.
-Douglas Adams

This journal is a mix of friends-only posts, public posts, filtered posts and private posts. May I explain:

Friends-only posts are for that which I want only my friends to know, but is not such initmate details. I care and adore these people - but they don't need to know all my shit

Public posts are those posts which I really don't give a flying fig if anyone knows about them.

Filtered posts are those posts where I unload the heart and head to those that I trust.

Private posts are just me mouthing off or being a complete idiot and no one needs to know.

I am a NY'er living in London. Work in advertising during the week and feed my soul by teaching performing arts on the weekends. Means I work a lot...but I am also learning how to balance it with what I really need in my life: fun, laughter, adventures and friends. After a few years of feeling that I couldn't be myself - I finally have the freedom to enjoy the life I wanted when I moved here.

I have three beautiful and fantastic cats who are little lights in my world. I am so lucky to have the sweetest and cutest little fur balls ever.

I have fantastic friends who are just angels and love me and support me despite me being quite a few sandwiches short of a full picnic.

I have an insane Queens, NY family that generally strive to drive me mad.

I have a habit of being a bit opinionated, a bit emotional, a bit dramatic and quite insane.

But that is what makes
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