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Jolie seems to be calling to a little black cat behind her.

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the one that has the most interesting thing to talk about, isn't photo-ed.

I woke last night to this odd sound. Like a car trying to turn over...crossed with a cat coughing up a fur ball. Getting out of bed and concurrently figuring out where the cat carrier was to take a cat to the vet and figuring out how on earth I was going to pay for it, I went to find the source of the sound.


In the window, defending the house against one of the largest foxes I had ever seen. The two of them were in a standoff at the window...neither one of them moving...both making ugly faces at one another hoping the other would run away.

The big ol' human came and scared the fox away...Bigsby was not impressed with me taking over his job.

btw - Jolie...sitting on the stairs and if she could, would have been doing her nails. Jack....sitting on a chair watching the whole thing with a look of 'I'm out of here the moment you lose the battle' on his face. Arvid...still asleep in bed.

that was my night last night.
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Since Sainsbury's decided that hiking up the kittens insurance cost from £8 to £11 each was a good idea and refused to even think about lowering it...I cancelled their cover - did a bit of looking around the internet and saved myself £4 a month or £48 a year...not much by month - but that is a night out.

Sucks that I have to keep Arvid with them. but as he has a pre-existing condition, and he's 17 I can't really move him


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