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These will mostly be for me...but hey - if you want to read...enjoy.

Well plans and conversations had been made for a few of us to dress up in our fairy costumes and Stuart as Jack Sparrow and go off to be assaulted by photographers and charge for it. How this was going to work, I had no idea as I have only had my photo taken by a stranger once while in Whitby so...and after my absolute failure of posing for Helen, well, I wasn't really thinking I was going to be good at it and was honestly a little nervous.

We also had another reason to be there as Emma was having a make-over for The One Show at the Abbey...and we all wanted to be there to support her.

So...after a fun night on the info to be at the Res for 9 and head over to Emma's..that completed..we got ready. Poor Stuart had somehow forgot his Sparrow trousers and had to scour the charity shops for a replacement...But eventually, with back combing, cinching, etc...we were all ready and headed out to the Abbey.
Hippy as a pixie, Emma as a ladybird fairy, me of course as a pirate fairy and Stuart as Jack. We also had Hippy's partner, Andy with us and Dizzy as our 'hat man'
At the Abbey itself (I hate those stairs with a vengence, truly)...we played, laughed, supported while Emma was made over. We were also filmed (well, my shoes) and will probably feature a little bit in the spot. Emma looked amazing after...and we went inside to warm up. It was bloody cold up there and for the outfits to be seen, we didn't have coats on...My god....cold!!!

Once inside, I saw Claire and her photographer (they had been doing a shoot in another part of the Abbey) and Stuart and I went outside for a shoot. I was sooooooo nervous. Stuart does this all the time. I know of one facial expression that I know I don't like horrible in...But on the hay stacks we had some pair and single shots taken and then there was warmth...the glorious feeling of warmth.

But it was time to leave the Abbey...And once we left the main started. There were photographers everywhere and we didn't move more than 5 feet at any one time going down. Andy was in holding coats and bags. Dizzy was amazing as our 'hat man' and ensuring that photographers put some change in the hat for the Rum Fund (Jack Sparrow must have his rum!!!) Stuart was great at showing us how to pose when you have 8 photographers in front of you and knowing where to look (follow the gun!!) I think the first bunches won't look good for me as I was soooooo nervous and feeling a bit out of place...but we got the top of the stairs and I finally felt photographer (who was absolutely rude to the others) took a photo and showed it to me and I was shocked!! Shocked! I hope we get a copy of that one somehow! (we collected tons of business cards so I guess will be contacting them for the photos) Dizzy and Andy tried their darndest to keep us together, but it was difficult as some photographers wanted single or double pics with just dome of us. Poor Emma was on that tall cross thing for ages and as she was wearing the least, we had a very cold, blue ladybird fairy.

I have to admit I was very very very cold. too. was so much fun. Everyone was in great spirits and laughing. We made it way down the steps eventually after about 2 hours (I will always laugh at the photographer who took me and Stuart aside and told him to put his arm around me, look like he loved me to bits and then put a gun to my head!) I think by then I had mastered (in my own eyes) about 4 poses that worked.

It took us a bit to get to Andy and Hippy's...again...about 5 feet a time...but we eventually got there..and counted our booty...£90!!! My god!!! We warmed up for a while. Darling Andy went out and got us some fish and chips...we then set out to the Nat West by the bridge...and it started again...and I will say that Dizzy really got into the groove and not only did his thing when we were stopped but was pimping us out by yelling 'Have your photo taken with Jack Sparrow and his fairies and donate to the Rum Fund' - this worked very well and had us laughing...We ended up down one of the other roads, up to the Whale Bones, then over to the Met...again being stopped over and over again...we were still freezing...

That made us another £50 so the grand total was £140!!! Well, the Rum Fund was truly going to take care of us for the evening.

One of the other lovely things was watching Stuart with the kids...he had brought chocolate coins for them (we do realise we were encouraging children to take sweets off of strangers) and to watch their fascination with him was just adorable. One little boy in the Met couldn't even speak when asking for photos, he was just so star struck...awww bless....Luckily, he's great with kids and charmed them and their moms...

Quick stop at Andy and Hippy's to pick up the £90 and then it was off to Shambles for food and drink. Food and drink and WARMTH. Lots of fun and chats and yummy food and a round of rum from Neil (owner of Shambles). Shaggy joined us for a little bit and then we all separated for a bit...I was off to the Spa and that's when it hit me...even without Jack I was being stopped for photos. I didn't charge at this point, didn't have Dizzy with me...Wow - what a feeling..It did get annoying once in a while when I was talking to people, mid-conversation and people interrupted. But then I reminded myself that this doesn't happen to me normally and I should be grateful for were taken.

Eventually though, I wanted to catch up with the gang at the Rifle Club and grabbed Shaggy and off we went...Even with my clock, it was COLD and the warmth of the Rifle Club was amazing. I have no idea who was playing, but my friends were there and that's all that mattered. There was lots of laughter...Emma, well, Emma and I were being very silly...we settled into a corner, drank some more and then eventually it was time to go home and put the pirate fairy to bed...Emma and I took a cab, I dropped her off and I got into the house...

And then it happened...I couldn't get out of my corset...Seriously...I was stuck in it. Two of the rivet-y things at the front would not undo and I sent out frantic (okay drunk) texts to people asking to be rescued. Eventually, I was able to do it and curled up for sleep...Oh blissful sleep and warmth....

I did wake up the next morning without a real voice and I spent the rest of the weekend sounding like a child porn cartoon character (if such thing exists)

It was a fantastic day (and if I am missing anything, please let me know)...and I cannot thank Andy, Hippy, Stuart, Dizzy and Emma for such loveliness...lovely friends, lovely experience.

I don't consider myself an ugly girl, I know I don't make dogs cry...but after a shaky start, I actually quite felt lovely...and I don't know what the word is...but it was a nice feeling.

And most importantly - if you want a fairy outfit or just a corset that is made specifically for you (by using a body mould) - let me know and I will get you in touch with Helen. Her work, creativity and love for what she does is first rate...and I have never spent that long in a corset ever...and I never even thought about it. I was so comfy!!!!!

I do have bruises all over my thighs from my tankard banging against them...Thankfully I moved it, but then again, now I have bruises on the back of my left hip...

Now to figure out the next creations for March! We all must do it again!!!!!!


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