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So, it's the Wedding Day of William and Kate. I am not a royalist or a non-royalist. I see both sides of the argument, although I probably fall on the side of understanding how much the Royal Family bring into the country as a tourist attraction (goodness knows I went to see the changing of the guards and went to Buckingham Palace as a tourist) and that the family does a hell of a lot of charity work (my mom can't do an 1/8th of what the Queen does in a day)...anywhoooo...

I am a romantic.

And they seem like a genuine couple...who love one another...and hey...I am a romantic.

So...congrats to them both.

then again, I am lucky, I found my prince*. And everyday I feel like a princess.

*Then again, since I had to wait until I am 42 and after broken marriages on both sides, does that makes us Charles and Cornelia?
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Oh – I forgot to mention some things of the Whitby time:
- we went up to the Abbey on Monday...where my lovely man bought me a pretty little pair of earrings.
- Ted tried desperately to lead Magenta and Chris astray with his favourite ‘cocktail/shot’ which is called a Car Bomb. If he offers these to you, please let me know...they are lethal. (why do I think that is just going to encourage people?)

Okay so we're back in London )
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So there were a lot of firsts these past few weeks. Ted’s first trip to the UK, which included his first Whitby Gothic Weekend, first ‘real’ fish and chips,’ first ‘real’ Guiness, Wagamama’s 55 Bar Cocktails...meeting all my friends, the list goes on and on...and you know what?

It was probably some of the best 12 days I have spent in my life (minus the anxiety of he arriving and the misery of him leaving)

The Whitby Gothic Weekend )

So that was Ted’s and my Whitby Gothic Weekend, March 2011.

What we did after will be the next post!


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