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Thanks to Ms. [ profile] ant_girl for being a lovely house guest...and sharing a fantastic and fun weekend.

Dead and Buried on Friday night after drinks at the bar and me house. I had a good (if unsteady due to ability to dance on one leg) boogie. Met nice people and had a lovely home very late and then stayed up even later!!

I woke up at 11:15 on Saturday...11:15....I never wake up that late. But it was lovely...we ran around and met up with [ profile] secretia, [ profile] mr_twig and [ profile] sugarcrappies, as well as Ed and Chris from Screaming Banshee at the Ben Crouch...We laughed a lot. I love laughing. After so long...I had forgotten how fun and nice it is to just laugh. I found out about things that upset me...but I won't go into that.

We ran back to the house and had just enough time to get to Hampstead Theatre and Ms. [ profile] emmelinemay's show. It was fantastic...she was the BESTEST rain cloud ever! And the fireworks were spectacular and I was just like a little kid watching them. I could feel me just looking up in wonder and it was fantastic. We had some drinks after and then went home...exhausted. (and btw - Ben is just lovely!)

We were supposed to go to Fairy GothMother on Sunday but woke up too late and also in my case, too lazy. Watching some horrible American telly and then off Jo went to see the band.

I laid on the couch all day doing much of nothing. Jack FINALLY appeared after hiding since Jo's arrival (which even had me worried for a while)...talked to Annmarie on the phone then went to bed.

Yeah....lovely weekend.


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