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What type of home do you live in?
Currently (moving in a month and a half) - 1920-30's ground floor flat

Is your home all on one level or is it a 2 storey home?
one level...I do miss stairs though

Do you consider your home to be "in the country" or "in the city"?
suburbs...leafy, but close enough to town.

What is the most dominant colour throughout your home?
scarlet...or green ... or blue

What is on the front of your fridge right now?
a magnet from when we went to a theme park

What is one of the oldest items in your home?
My two antiques. A side table and a secretary...they are from the 1920's I believe

Whether big or small... what was the last item you purchased for your home? (not including groceries)
hmmm. Hard towels I think

What is your favorite spot in your home?
My spot on the couch....or my bed (if Ted's in it especially!)

What was your favorite thing about this home when you first looked at it?
Oh definitely the fireplace (why I am also so happy about the new place, it has one too..although both are non working)

If money was no object what is the one thing you would change in your home?
Keep it.

How many chairs at your dining table?

What colour(s) are the sheets on your bed?
Black fitted sheet, scarlet flat sheet. I still haven't put on my summer linens. (although I do change my bed linens every week thank you)

Do you have a "junk drawer"? Where?
Yep. In the kitchen

What is the first room you walk into from your front door?
Foyer...into the hallway

How many bedrooms do you have?
Two double, but I use the second as a dining room

Is there a fuzzy cover on the lid of any toilet in your home?

How far do you have to drive to get to the nearest Wal Mart?
I have no clue.

Favorite piece of furniture in your home?
My lamp from Whitby...I just love it.

What would you call your decorating "style" ?
Mine...nothing you could put a finger or label on I think.


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