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I have to say that this trip started so badly that I seriously thought it was a sign from the gods of 'something'...

First, I fell asleep waiting for the cab and left a half hour later than I wanted...which means that there was a rush to eat Wags and then get to the plane.

Then, well, my ME/CFS hit (stress? exhaustion?) and I ended being very ill on the flight. Yes, I was the person that held everyone up getting off the plane as I was taken off in a wheelchair. I give HUGE kudos to the staff on the flight and at JFK, including the police, who were amazing and got me sorted and to Ted. He took me home, put me on the couch and tenderly took care of me. My angel.

We woke up the next morning to get ready for the wedding and everything kept going wrong. First, I realised that somehow I didn't back the stockings for my dress, then my hair tongs wouldn't power up, and I seemed to have forgotten my mousse as well. There was a frantic trip to the shop for stuff and then I rushed through doing my hair - which meant it was not what I wanted exactly. Coupled with being shaky from the attack the night before and all the stress, I am sure I was not myself at the wedding. I really tried...and Ted and I had a few dances and some laughs, but honestly, I wasn't myself. Ted's mom's wedding was lovely and it was odd to be called the 'fiance' and to be included in the family photos. And accepted all the congratulations! It was a surreal day and I was kind of happy to get back to the house and to relax.

Over the next few days there was wedding stuff...and lots of it...and my trip went from disaster to lovely - all to do with my Ted. So what did we get done?

- all the invites have been addressed and sent (sans 3, to be explained later)
- we met with the woman who is doing our ceremony...which made me cry as we talked about my dad...she has sent us the first draft and we need to go through it but it's looking like a tear jerker of a ceremony
- the flowers have been sorted thanks to my 'uncle' who is doing them for free and understood what I was looking for (elegant wildness)
- we saw two photographers. We haven't chosen one yet...we need to have a think about them
- we got Ted's suit for the wedding...which is fantastic and will be tailored to him
- we bought our placeholder wedding bands. For the London wedding, we will have ones designed by Sally, but as finance and the fact that Sally just gave birth to Violet, we thought it would be better to have these for now and the 'real' ones at the wedding in London. Luckily, we both found ones we liked (they aren't matching) and so they should be ready for Ted to pick up in about a week or so (his is a special order titanium, mine needs to be resized)

On top of that, we saw my sister and mother and I managed not to kill them or want to kill myself. Although, mom did exactly as I predicted to Ted the morning that we went to see them - comment on my weight. Literally, it didn't take her more than 10 minutes to say something about it. ('Have you lost more weight?') Ted and I just laughed....

On top of THAT, (thanks to Ted for thinking of it), we visited my old dance company/studio and saw Michele and Lori, plus girls that were just mere little ones when I last saw was surreal, but oh so lovely. Reminds me how much I miss proper dance studios....must speak to them about either taking class or teaching a master class when I am back in December for the wedding.

On top of THAT, we visited my old friends Phil and Lisa who will hopefully be at the wedding. We had a fantastic Italian meal and some great wine and I got to meet their darling son Andrew, who I last saw when he was about 6 months old.

We did have (and continue to have) a bit of a scare, as Ted's dad has had a heart attack (we found out as we left the post office from sending off wedding invites) and needs surgery. There was a chance that we were going to have to go Pennsylvania and me staying longer, but later phone calls changed is not until Tuesday and Ted felt it was better I went back to the UK...

Despite Ted having to work, we spent a lot of time together, yes, busy doing wedding stuff, but enough down time (and watching American football - he's such a saint)....I am the luckiest girl in the world having someone who loves me as ornery as I can be, as cranky as I can be and as silly as I can be.

So on Sunday, I got into a bit of a funk knowing I would have to leave. Don't get me offense to those who live in NY, especially Long Island, but I feel trapped whenever I am there...I couldn't wait to leave for that reason. But to leave my Ted just made me so miserable...He should be coming on the plane with me and I can't wait for that to be the case. He's just so good for me...ok, I know that they ~have~ to say things, but all the wedding people we met spoke about how great we are together...and it was nice to hear....

Anyway, I am back home...missing Ted...although I love being back to my home and my kitties....just wish Ted was here.. :(
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