May. 16th, 2011

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So...yeah...this trip...what can I say?

Arriving with the normal 'oh my god I can see him!!' excitement on Thursday we went off back to Ted's with silly grins...a stop for food.. and then...I have to say, I crashed on the couch for an hour or so, jet lag taking the best of me and just unable to keep my eyes open...we snuggled, cuddled, and had a lovely night together.

As usual, my UK body clock had me up at stupid o'clock when it came to NY and poor Ted had to deal with me. I feel so horrible about it...but even when I am back in the UK, once I am awake, I am awake and it takes a bit to get me to go back to sleep...poor Ted...he is the most patient.

Friday involved telly and cuddles and snuggles...oh..and then we went into Manhattan as his friends had bought Ted tickets to see Jim Jeffries at Caroline' off we went. We thought we had enough time for dinner, but had gone over to pick up the tickets after we ordered and found out we were being seated in 10 minutes. Cue frantic canceling of order and run to venue.

Jim Jeffries was really funny (although sometimes stretching the 'acceptability' edge a bit) and we had a lovely night. Walking through NY drives me bonkers (it's like Oxford Street but 10x worse) but when you have someone you love holding your hand, it's okay....

We got back home and started to getting ready for sleeps...and that's when it happened. Ted and I have talked about getting married for a bit (and not just for visa purposes you cynical minds) was all a bit abstract, a little 'out there', a little 'yes and one day I will own a mansion with servants and a butler and have ten cars and....' - you know what I mean..

He asked me to marry him...I won't tell you all that he said, that's for us to remember privately forever...but he asked...and I said yes...and he put the ring on my finger...I don't think I have been able to not look at it for more than ten minutes since...usually starting to well up or just smile.

So...then...yeah...lunch with my mother. We actually cut it really, let me admit it, we were ten minutes late. That was due to traffic, dropping off stuff at Ted's friend, Julia's house for the birthday BBQ that evening, and then having to stop off to get alcohol, as I was having near panic attacks about seeing my mother. I won't even start explaining my mother to anyone. If you don't know, well, I haven't known you for long, but believe me, she's a character/sitcom/mental health diagnosis waiting to happen.

I had told her I was in NY for work (yes, I know it's a lie, but you have to work with me here..she barely knew that Ted and I were back together) when we arrived, I just kind of scooped her up (not physically, just went in there, gave some story about the NY visit and told her about her chariot awaiting and asked her where she wanted to go for lunch) and off we went to Applebee's (yeah, we are classy)...Poor Ted, who is so very snuggly and cuddly, was having such a hard time not being a race horse wanting to run, but being held back..anyway..Food and drinks ordered...this was the chance:

Me: Mom, I came to NY for a couple of reasons and one I didn't know about. Work...and Ted's birthday...and um..well, (hand comes out from under table) Ted and I got engaged.

Mom: Oh..(inspects hand, ring)..very nice, nice...good, oh...well, wear it in good health (WTF does that mean????) very nice...congratulations...btw, did you hear what they are talking about with Bin Laden? Like I need to know he had porn?

I tried to steer her back to the wedding/marriage several times during dinner. It was usually quite unsuccessful for more than five minutes.

Oh until the one thing I KNEW she would say:

Mom: You know, now that you have such a nice ring, you really should get your nails done.

I had predicted this on the way to meet her...nice to know she doesn't ever surprise me.

We got through dinner...and then dropped her off..we HAD to tell her landlady (well, they are nice people) who was lovely but also wondering if I was staying at my mom' Hello? *sigh* Whatever.

We then hightailed it to Julia's for the Mega Birthday BBQ. Julia's husband was just last week, Ted's is the 15th and his brother's, Randy, the 16th...There was much merriment had...although I have to admit...the 'yeah we already assumed' reaction to our engagement was kind of a disappointment, although understood...but the ladies were huggy and happy about it...maybe it's just the men?

Eventually I was exhausted and it had rained and we tottered home..watched telly, snuggled and just were a couple...I love that part of my just being a couple.

I woke up yesterday, allowing the birthday boy to sleep (but also bursting with news that I could not tell anyone until he told his family....damn I wanted to change my FB status!!) and started to investigate venues for the wedding in NY. So that everyone is understanding (and if people haven't gotten this far in this post...well, Fuck them)...

- We are aiming to get married in NY in December between Christmas and New Years (the 28th is the target date)
- The NY ceremony is going to be SMALL. And I mean SMALL!!!!! We did a prelim list and we are trying to keep it to 50 MAX.
- The NY ceremony will NOT be a normal wedding. We are looking towards a venue where we can have it all in one, without all the hoopla,...just have the ceremony, a sit down meal with music in the background and that is it. A bit later on that...
- We will be having, once Ted moves over and we have the cash to do it, an affirmation ceremony in London. (Think March out of towners...think March...although Batty, I want to make sure that you can be there, so we need to talk dates). THAT will be the big party...Already have two venues in mind..and to be honest, have more sorted (at least in my head) for what I want for the UK one than the NY one...but...hey....*shrug*

So yesterday, we did some shopping, had some Chinese food (I eat so much when I am here, I will be so fat when I get back to London...) and then did something that means the world to me...just spent time watching telly, cuddled up..chit chatting, snuggling...(god I am going to miss that when I am in London)...I know I got tipsy..and judging from the empty bottles in the kitchen, he was too (I am spoiled like a complete princess with Ted...I have no idea of anything except being totally taken care's strange and weird and I love it)

I have no idea what today will bring...probably some wedding plans as it's going to be hard to plan to NY wedding with me in London...BUT...Ted wanted to try out this restaurant near him for his birthday...outside, it's not much, but when you walk in, it's funky and a NY restaurant but without tables being on top of one another. We had already looked and knew they did events/weddings...but...I sat there and started organizing...tables, where the ceremony could happen, table all just started to fall into we needed to take notice of the food...

The food was gorgeous...gorgeous...tops...And when Ted went to the bathroom, I spoke to the waitress about weddings, etc...and said I was being selfish taking over Ted's birthday dinner with wedding talk...she came out later with a little fruit cup with a candle in it...How SWEET!!!

Spoke to the manager/owner and we are meeting him before I leave on Tuesday. If we can sort out a cost that is manageable, we may have found our venue...WOW!

Anyway...that's where we are right


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