May. 30th, 2011


May. 30th, 2011 10:47 am
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So on Saturday, Brigid and I went looking for my wedding dress. I knew what I wanted...I had seen it on line..but would it look good on me?

Damn, it did. I was a little disappointed that the fabric that we saw in a different style of dress I can't get in the style that I want, but I tried the dress on again this morning...and cried...I don't look like dot cotton (ie an old lady getting married) but feel like a grown up princess. It's what I wanted. And I have a lot of time to find/have made something for my head (a hat or something) and what I do with my hair. And find shoes...that will probably be the hardest thing to do with my little feet.

After buying the dress, Brigid and I went to the Big Red for one joined us, except Gally was there and entertained us for a bit. I somehow got very drunk on very few drinks and went home while Brigid went out further. I babbled to Ted on Skype (sorry hun for being so silly) and then passed out.

I spent yesterday cleaning out closets...and realising as I don't have kids, a lot of the yellow gold jewelery that I have is just taking up space and will sell it. Memories aside, I need the cash for the wedding, the move and I never wear any of it. Some pieces I will keep, my god daughters might want them, but some are just not sentimental enough to keep.

I have work to do today but I am starting to think of moving...if I don't have to do work on the flat, except for a professional clean, I can move sooner...And get that done and dusted and really save just for the wedding. I want to get everything sorted so I can just relax...and enjoy being a bride to be.

Brigid and I did a prelim list of people for the UK wedding and I revised it today. We are looking at 150+ people!!! My god!

Grumble...I want to go out and play today....but every penny spent is a penny that can go to my move and the wedding...*sigh*


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