Jun. 14th, 2011

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Sorry I haven't been really around (the biggest apologies to Ted, who has gotten the short end of the stick over this last week)...but work hit me with a curve ball last Monday evening and it's 13/14 hour days ever since and coming in over the weekend.

Although I am exhausted, cranky...there has been some really good things about this marathon of work.

- With this project, I was able to really get my feet solidly into the agency, put a real project together (not just researching and writing a strategic document), get to know and work with people.

- I also ended up working with most of the major members of the board, so they got to see me in action. I think (hope) I impressed them with my attitude, my work ethic, well, my work. I think before this, they kind of wondered what I did around here (which I did too sometimes - as I felt a bit useless)

- I have been managing one of my assistants (I swear if I ever have another job - and I hope I don't and stay here for years and years - I am going to insist on meeting my assistant(s) first. How do they get these jobs???? Honestly??? I have had more crappy ones than good ones...and the only good ones are the ones that I have hired - sans one. The rest? Oh - don't get me started...Priyanka is an entry all on her own) a lot more and have been complimented on it twice...which is good as one is a senior member of planning and the other the head of HR.

- I also have my three month review coming up and I needed SOMETHING to show I have been doing more than what I had been doing...and now I have the right people to ask reviews from who I believe will give me favourable reviews.

The only bad thing is that my boss was not here to see it, being in Malta (hiring a private yacht for him and his boyfriend...wish I had that money - could have probably paid for our wedding). Then again - if he had been, he would have micromanaged/questioned me so much that I wouldn't have done have the job that I think I did.

Okay....off to have a fag and start the day...deadline today...let's see if I get out of here before...hmmm...we'll say 10pm?

(btw - in this industry - if you don't love what you do and still do it, you are insane...so please don't yell at me for working crazy hours...it's the nature of my job sometimes and I love what I do...even if I bitch about it from time to time.)


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