Nov. 15th, 2012

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Some of you know this already, but I thought it best to tell people however formally FB/Live Journal can be.

Due to visa issues (that I really don't want to go into...seriously), Ted's visitor visa is up at the end of November (Americans are allowed 6 months in the UK) and he will have to return to NY. The plan is that he will fly to NY on the 21st of November, I will meet him  there on the 14th of December, we will fly to Florida for Christmas and then he will be back with me on the 27th of December...hopefully not having any trouble with immigration when we return.

Before anyone asks...we are not breaking up...we are more committed to one another now than when we married - both times. It's been a roller coaster since he arrived, but I have loved every minute of being with this exceptionally special man. He is the love of my life and I have never felt so adored, loved, and supported. 

We won't be out until he leaves, trying to spend as much time together before he does. Hence why no public birthday celebrations this year for me.

Added onto the fact that I am mainly the sole breadwinner in the family (although complete respect to my husband for working at the agency on the most mundane/boring/below his skills and intelligence jobs whenever they are offered), our money is exceedingly tight, so going out may not be much on the cards. Everyone is welcome to come to mine for games nights, tv nights, even movie nights...but I am going to really cut back on spending to have any chance to for us to have a decent holiday in Florida (we never have had a honeymoon), support him while he is in NY, feed 5 cats,....oh and continue to be bled dry by the Home Office.  

It sucks..especially as I have had to work late recently which takes time away from him...but we are soldiering on...Skype will be happy, as the hours people use their services will rise again. We've done it for ages, we can do it again...I just hope all the kitties will make a truce so they will all sleep on his side of the bed...having an empty house when I get home is one thing (I might enjoy having a tidied house tee hee), but an empty bed...*sigh*

That's the story, my little glories!


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