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Anytime someone gets engaged, I think about the proposal...maybe because I wanted to hear something I never though I would hear....

Ted and I had talked and then agreed to get married ages ago. While he was here in the UK. But we said we would keep it quiet...because I wanted a 'proper' proposal and I wanted a ring. I know that sounds superficial and materialistic, but there is a romantic side of me...and that is where I was working from.

There were a few people that knew...some for obvious reasons (like explaining why I was starting divorce proceedings), some because they are just so close to me I couldn't help but share...

So I knew it was going to happen, just when I had no idea. I hoped it was before we met my mother, but I was still in the dark...and I liked that.

On Friday night we went to see Jim Jeffries at Carolines in the city...we had a great night, snuggled and cuddles through it all..walking through the city with someone who loves you is the most amazing experience. every time he pressed on my hand, stopped to hug me, it was magic...

I slept most of the way home on the LIRR, snuggled up next to someone who accepts and loves me for who I am, safe...

We got back to his and I came out of the loo, not very romantic of settings, but he pulled me close to him, said things that made me well up in tears and asked me...I said yes.
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So...yeah...this trip...what can I say?

Arriving with the normal 'oh my god I can see him!!' excitement on Thursday we went off back to Ted's with silly grins...a stop for food.. and then...I have to say, I crashed on the couch for an hour or so, jet lag taking the best of me and just unable to keep my eyes open...we snuggled, cuddled, and had a lovely night together.

As usual, my UK body clock had me up at stupid o'clock when it came to NY and poor Ted had to deal with me. I feel so horrible about it...but even when I am back in the UK, once I am awake, I am awake and it takes a bit to get me to go back to sleep...poor Ted...he is the most patient.

Friday involved telly and cuddles and snuggles...oh..and then we went into Manhattan as his friends had bought Ted tickets to see Jim Jeffries at Caroline' off we went. We thought we had enough time for dinner, but had gone over to pick up the tickets after we ordered and found out we were being seated in 10 minutes. Cue frantic canceling of order and run to venue.

Jim Jeffries was really funny (although sometimes stretching the 'acceptability' edge a bit) and we had a lovely night. Walking through NY drives me bonkers (it's like Oxford Street but 10x worse) but when you have someone you love holding your hand, it's okay....

We got back home and started to getting ready for sleeps...and that's when it happened. Ted and I have talked about getting married for a bit (and not just for visa purposes you cynical minds) was all a bit abstract, a little 'out there', a little 'yes and one day I will own a mansion with servants and a butler and have ten cars and....' - you know what I mean..

He asked me to marry him...I won't tell you all that he said, that's for us to remember privately forever...but he asked...and I said yes...and he put the ring on my finger...I don't think I have been able to not look at it for more than ten minutes since...usually starting to well up or just smile.

So...then...yeah...lunch with my mother. We actually cut it really, let me admit it, we were ten minutes late. That was due to traffic, dropping off stuff at Ted's friend, Julia's house for the birthday BBQ that evening, and then having to stop off to get alcohol, as I was having near panic attacks about seeing my mother. I won't even start explaining my mother to anyone. If you don't know, well, I haven't known you for long, but believe me, she's a character/sitcom/mental health diagnosis waiting to happen.

I had told her I was in NY for work (yes, I know it's a lie, but you have to work with me here..she barely knew that Ted and I were back together) when we arrived, I just kind of scooped her up (not physically, just went in there, gave some story about the NY visit and told her about her chariot awaiting and asked her where she wanted to go for lunch) and off we went to Applebee's (yeah, we are classy)...Poor Ted, who is so very snuggly and cuddly, was having such a hard time not being a race horse wanting to run, but being held back..anyway..Food and drinks ordered...this was the chance:

Me: Mom, I came to NY for a couple of reasons and one I didn't know about. Work...and Ted's birthday...and um..well, (hand comes out from under table) Ted and I got engaged.

Mom: Oh..(inspects hand, ring)..very nice, nice...good, oh...well, wear it in good health (WTF does that mean????) very nice...congratulations...btw, did you hear what they are talking about with Bin Laden? Like I need to know he had porn?

I tried to steer her back to the wedding/marriage several times during dinner. It was usually quite unsuccessful for more than five minutes.

Oh until the one thing I KNEW she would say:

Mom: You know, now that you have such a nice ring, you really should get your nails done.

I had predicted this on the way to meet her...nice to know she doesn't ever surprise me.

We got through dinner...and then dropped her off..we HAD to tell her landlady (well, they are nice people) who was lovely but also wondering if I was staying at my mom' Hello? *sigh* Whatever.

We then hightailed it to Julia's for the Mega Birthday BBQ. Julia's husband was just last week, Ted's is the 15th and his brother's, Randy, the 16th...There was much merriment had...although I have to admit...the 'yeah we already assumed' reaction to our engagement was kind of a disappointment, although understood...but the ladies were huggy and happy about it...maybe it's just the men?

Eventually I was exhausted and it had rained and we tottered home..watched telly, snuggled and just were a couple...I love that part of my just being a couple.

I woke up yesterday, allowing the birthday boy to sleep (but also bursting with news that I could not tell anyone until he told his family....damn I wanted to change my FB status!!) and started to investigate venues for the wedding in NY. So that everyone is understanding (and if people haven't gotten this far in this post...well, Fuck them)...

- We are aiming to get married in NY in December between Christmas and New Years (the 28th is the target date)
- The NY ceremony is going to be SMALL. And I mean SMALL!!!!! We did a prelim list and we are trying to keep it to 50 MAX.
- The NY ceremony will NOT be a normal wedding. We are looking towards a venue where we can have it all in one, without all the hoopla,...just have the ceremony, a sit down meal with music in the background and that is it. A bit later on that...
- We will be having, once Ted moves over and we have the cash to do it, an affirmation ceremony in London. (Think March out of towners...think March...although Batty, I want to make sure that you can be there, so we need to talk dates). THAT will be the big party...Already have two venues in mind..and to be honest, have more sorted (at least in my head) for what I want for the UK one than the NY one...but...hey....*shrug*

So yesterday, we did some shopping, had some Chinese food (I eat so much when I am here, I will be so fat when I get back to London...) and then did something that means the world to me...just spent time watching telly, cuddled up..chit chatting, snuggling...(god I am going to miss that when I am in London)...I know I got tipsy..and judging from the empty bottles in the kitchen, he was too (I am spoiled like a complete princess with Ted...I have no idea of anything except being totally taken care's strange and weird and I love it)

I have no idea what today will bring...probably some wedding plans as it's going to be hard to plan to NY wedding with me in London...BUT...Ted wanted to try out this restaurant near him for his birthday...outside, it's not much, but when you walk in, it's funky and a NY restaurant but without tables being on top of one another. We had already looked and knew they did events/weddings...but...I sat there and started organizing...tables, where the ceremony could happen, table all just started to fall into we needed to take notice of the food...

The food was gorgeous...gorgeous...tops...And when Ted went to the bathroom, I spoke to the waitress about weddings, etc...and said I was being selfish taking over Ted's birthday dinner with wedding talk...she came out later with a little fruit cup with a candle in it...How SWEET!!!

Spoke to the manager/owner and we are meeting him before I leave on Tuesday. If we can sort out a cost that is manageable, we may have found our venue...WOW!

Anyway...that's where we are right
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So, I have two perspective buyers coming today...and of course, I cleaned like there was no tomorrow or the royal family was coming over (thinking about it, if I knew there was no tomorrow, would I clean? Probably not...probably take the first flight to NY and spend the time with Ted, anyway I digress).

After I finished, (the house needed it anyway), I checked a website about how not to sell your house:

1. Leave the lawn: Well, I don't have a lawn, but I haven't cleaned up the balcony and since we don't have anyone picking up rubbish on the weekends, have placed a huge bag of rubbish out there. GOOD

2. Lingering Stench: Well, I cleaned the litter box. And have opened the door to the balcony bringing in fresh air. BAD

3. Express yourself: Well, I don't have a statement wall or anything like that. My walls are neutral...BAD

4. Playboy palace (i.e. hide all the things you wouldn't want your mom to see). I did hide those things...sorry, I don't think anyone should see my private life (and honestly, don't have that much..but if they open up a particular closet they may see some things, and another all my goth clothes) BAD

5. Distracting Doggie: Well, I have distracting cats. Jolie will be all over them! GOOD

6. Team Loyalties: Well, I don't have any teams I support here so, that's not a problem. BAD

7. Dirty Dishes: I can't let people see dirty dishes in my they are clean, but, there are some drying in the rack. GOOD?

8. Leave as it is: Well, I am going to point out the crack in the bathroom ceiling and the damp (which has been fixed twice) GOOD

9. Get-to-know-you Game (don't leave out personal possessions): Well, fuck that...I have loads of photos, momentos, stuff, are having a laugh if you think I am packing it up.GOOD

10. Pack it in (leave your furniture as it is): Well, I have my laundry rack hanging in my living room (no where else to put it) and I do have some excess GOOD.

I will be polite (but not putting on make-up, etc) but I will point out the 'problems' in the flat: the crack previously mentioned, the fact that being on the ground floor and having my bedroom wall against the common stairs, it can be quite noisy on the weekends, the barking dog next door, the problem with parking at times, the flood I had in the bedroom from the balcony, the kitchen sink being too shallow so when you wash dishes you get soaked (you have to put the water on full blast to get hot water)...I think that's it...

I won't point out the fantastic location, easy access to public transport, shops, GP, dentist...They can figure that out on their own.

So nervous!!!
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So, it's the Wedding Day of William and Kate. I am not a royalist or a non-royalist. I see both sides of the argument, although I probably fall on the side of understanding how much the Royal Family bring into the country as a tourist attraction (goodness knows I went to see the changing of the guards and went to Buckingham Palace as a tourist) and that the family does a hell of a lot of charity work (my mom can't do an 1/8th of what the Queen does in a day)...anywhoooo...

I am a romantic.

And they seem like a genuine couple...who love one another...and hey...I am a romantic.

So...congrats to them both.

then again, I am lucky, I found my prince*. And everyday I feel like a princess.

*Then again, since I had to wait until I am 42 and after broken marriages on both sides, does that makes us Charles and Cornelia?


Apr. 21st, 2011 09:09 am
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Is anyone else having trouble with FB???
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So..I rushed out of work last night to meet the estate agents and perspective buyers. As usual, the entrance to Oxford Circus tube was closed so I walked to Goodge Street (I actually like the walk after work to Goodge Street. Clears my head and as it’s been relatively good weather (some days brilliant) and it’s good to get some exercise!)

Caught tube, then waited a while for the bus. I ended up being about 8 minutes late. (I hate being late). I saw them outside the flat and ran up apologising profusely.

‘No worries, I already showed them the flat.’


I told her (the estate agent) in no uncertain terms were she to enter my flat with buyers unless I was present. I don’t know these people from a hole in the wall and I have three cats (‘Oh we saw’ was the buyers response) I did tell her that I would be calling the landlords to ensure that this did not happen again. I wasn’t rude...but I was firm.

Bear in mind that I keep the dining room closed as the kitties tend to break things in there. If they had not noticed a kitty run in there when they opened it, they could have locked one of the kitties in there. GRRRRRRR

I left a message for my landlord who called me back shortly telling me she hadn’t listened to it. I explained the situation and she was very apologetic and told me she would speak to the estate agent. But...

She got all serious and I got worried. And although this is relatively good news, it’s not the way I would have like it to happen:

1) They have had very little interest in the flat. She thinks it’s because there will be some major work going on for the balance of the year which will raise the service charge (new road in front, redecorating of all the common areas). NB: This may raise my rent, although she didn’t say anything.
2) This is the bad one. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is having surgery in two weeks and will be unavailable for the following 2 months which means she won’t be available to do a sale even if one comes along.

What that means is that for the time being, I can stay in my flat. We discussed it and I told her that I really had no intention of leaving if there is any chance of me staying in the flat. Of course, though, they are not taking it off the market...but I told her I would need at least two to three months to move as I have a lot of expenses coming up until at least, if not longer, the end of the year.

So...I stay...and probably until the end of the year at least I have a feeling.


Maybe, just maybe I might be able to go to Whitby in November now...hmmmm anyone got space free? (just me, Ted will be busy in NY prepping for his move hopefully!)
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Oh – I forgot to mention some things of the Whitby time:
- we went up to the Abbey on Monday...where my lovely man bought me a pretty little pair of earrings.
- Ted tried desperately to lead Magenta and Chris astray with his favourite ‘cocktail/shot’ which is called a Car Bomb. If he offers these to you, please let me know...they are lethal. (why do I think that is just going to encourage people?)

Okay so we're back in London )
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So there were a lot of firsts these past few weeks. Ted’s first trip to the UK, which included his first Whitby Gothic Weekend, first ‘real’ fish and chips,’ first ‘real’ Guiness, Wagamama’s 55 Bar Cocktails...meeting all my friends, the list goes on and on...and you know what?

It was probably some of the best 12 days I have spent in my life (minus the anxiety of he arriving and the misery of him leaving)

The Whitby Gothic Weekend )

So that was Ted’s and my Whitby Gothic Weekend, March 2011.

What we did after will be the next post!
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Please Mr. faster....get him here.

I am so anxious, excited, nervous....please get him here.

I hope he has had a good flight despite the delay. I know he got anxious with the delay...but...I hope he enjoyed Club Plus (I upgraded him as a little pressie)


I will get ready now to get to Brigid's as she has been kind enough to take me to the airport to pick him up. I apologize in advance.

Breathe Jez...he is on the plane, it's just delayed...he will be here...

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Can't it get easier???

I have spent the day split between crying and sleeping. I just miss him soooo much. I just want him back. I want his American middle class guidance, his common sense. His stupid laugh. The way he protected me. The way that he would get around my mom so I could do what I wanted. (Rob's prom in 1985 springs to mind) The $20 or so given to me when I needed it. Sitting in the living room watching telly and he talking on and on...never minded it. He was my hero...

Annmarie says I should I do something special on this day so that I am not so sad...

I can't.

I want my dad...I just want my dad...

They say that you get over this...I don't think I ever ever ever will. I love my Ted...but my heart will always be broken.

2 years on

Mar. 9th, 2011 07:00 am
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It's two years today Poppa-Bear. There isn't a day I don't think of you, remember some little tidbit of advice, wonder what you think, would think.

I always say that if I am half the person you were, I would be proud of myself. I have failed at that, but I keep trying.

But there are good things...I know you can see, but...just in case you were busy playing poker with Frank Sinatra where ever you are...Ted and I are back together. Yeah, Kid Nerves. But he makes me happy..and I promise you - he treats me in a way that you would be proud of.

I miss much...every kid knows that one day they will have to say goodbye to their parents, but I never realised how much it would hurt to see you slowly leave us or the pain that wouldn't just be that day, the days immediately after or even now.

I will make you proud of me...I promise.

(and can I please thank Emmie, Sally, Mark, Steve, Juliet, and Twiggy for all their support during those horrible first few hours and days - you were my rocks and I will always be in debt to you for it. Some of you put aside personal issues, some actually got me packed and on the plane, some of you just let me cry for what seemed like hours. If I have forgotten someone - I am sorry...those days are just big blurs.)


Feb. 24th, 2011 11:01 am
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A friend of mine died.
His family had disowned him because he was gay.
We are sorting out arrangements, me from the UK and his partner from the US.
I can't think through the tears. Well, I am trying to.

I woke up this morning to find that someone was (cynical head here) trying to fuck with someone I love. And then as I was trying to leave the house, the phone that I knew I would get....but not now, please....

You were too special. You taught me soo much. How to love without worrying. How to be without caring. How to be selfish without thinking that was wrong.

I am now in the kind of relationship that you wanted for me...and you had only a short time to be happy for me...but you were. The one email I have from you about it will be printed and it was so lovely and so filled with love, happiness and... just...

You were a guiding light. You and I did not talk as much as we should have with life getting involved...But...your spirit, your light always stays with me.

I missed seeing you I won't ever see you again. My heart is breaking....but I know you would kick me and yell 'Girl, get over yourself'

I will...but can I have today to cry a lot?
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it's all vague to me to be honest...there was a lot of snuggling, and planning of dinner. Our dinner at Ted's landlords was scuppered and we spent a lot of the day with Randy (Ted's brother) in the flat sorting out cooking for all ended up with us going to Julia's (Ted's friend) for dinner which was cooked by Randy (yum yum). I played with a ferret....

Ted's friends are, I guess, accepting the fact, or assumpting, the fact that Ted is moving to London. Firstly, he has not even been here! Secondly....well, there is no secondly....Take that as you want.

But it was a lovely night with Julia for her birthday and everyone. The food was amazing.

Back, nevermind....

Sunday woke with realising that I was leaving. I don't know about Ted, but I just wanted to cry all day. We watched Dead Set (yes, I did), he cooked for me. I tried to check in online and found out I had completely fucked up my booking and was scheduled to leave in March...Sorted....Thank you Ted for being the calm against my anxiety.

The trip to the airport was hell. I had already cried several times...and then 'Enjoy the Silence' by Depeche Mode came on the radio as we drove into the airport...I broke....Damn I broke so many times.

We ended up sorting out my ticket (thanks BA!) but...we had the soppiest, tearful goodbye...I just wanted to take him back with me! Forget the fucking bear he bought me...can I had take him? Got to the gate just in time.

I slept the entire flight (they had to wake me for landing)...and in a fog of sadness and exhaustion, I went to work, but left around I was useless.

Lots of decisions were made...big decisions...and I can't be more thankful that I made those decisions with Ted...

I deserve him. I have to remind myself that I do. It's been a long time since I have felt like this.

I hate being so far away from him...

There are times I just find myself crying...because he's not here...because he's so far away.
I have my Bear...(my Valentine's Day pressie) and Skype....and only 28 sleeps until he's here.
jezebelblue: (jerry's ass) couldn't have been more perfect....

Woke up and found it was a gorgeous day...brekki made for me by Ted (I could get used to this being spoiled thing) and then it was off to see Gnomeo and was a cute film with lots of inside jokes to other movies (I got most of them I think)...then we picked up our lunch from the house we had made before the movie and made our way to Oyster Bay. I had gone there every Sunday until I was about 5 or 6 with my entire Italian family...with the marquee and the food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) being made there and the total set up, people joked all we needed was a carpet and chandelier. And I just wanted to see it. Unfortunately, a 5 year old's memory is not what it should be and although I KNOW it was Oyster Bay, it wasn't the area we went to...but never the mind, we set up our little picnic...'s February....did you just say a picnic on the beach?

Yes, it was that beautiful yesterday. About 66 degrees..sunny...lovely...back to the picnic.

We sat on the beach, ate our sandwiches, laughed at seagulls (one was quite the bully, another did not like gummy bears)...and just enjoyed the sunshine, the day...

Eventually, it did get too cold and we wandered back home, rested and then got ready to go for dinner with Ted's friends, Jamie and James, who were so kind to let us stay at their home in December when I got stuck in NY and they were away...Chinese food was had, laughter and then my normally very good at maths brain failing.

Back to the house and we got ready to go to the city...(I naturally fell asleep in the car)... The club was actually okay...smaller version of Dead & Buried perhaps? I want to bring Dave Exile, Katy Kitten and Martin Old Goth over for a good session for these guys...oh and a whole bunch of wasn't until the end that I finally got to dance..but a good boogie was had.

Back home...exhausted, Ted and I chatted, drank some wine (he was driving so had not had a drink) and finally fell asleep at an indecent hour.

Of course..that means that I am now up at a ridiculous hour as my body clock (or am I still tipsy from last night?) means that I think it's 3:45 in the afternoon so I ~must~ have had a lie in!

Last full day in NY with Ted... :(

Some errands (when I can wake him up...he's dead to the world right now), then dinner being cooked for us by his brother...

Tomorrow will just be about last day in NY before I head back to London...but...don't worry! There will be a new countdown of how many sleeps until he is in the UK!! *bounce*
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So yesterday after much faffing about, finally got out of the house. Well, I say finally - to me it was like 2pm...for Ted is was so not...But we went off to the outlets right by his house and went shopping for stuff.

I have dated men who liked to shop...but I generally hate it (lovely role reversal there with me sighing and begging to go to the pub while they gleefully try on stuff and just browse - I don't browse) - but as we had a mission (to get Ted clothes for Whitby), I didn't mind.

When I have gone shopping with most men I have dated, they do the 'I'm bored, are you done, can't I just go to the pub while you do this' yesterday was a ridiculous change.

He held my bag while I tried things on, he had an opinion on things which was not just to get me finished, he carried purchases, he opened doors, he was helpful, sweet and lovely. I could have cried to be honest. [ profile] battyblingtrash - no more crab dances for me...Ted reminded me of [ profile] tukie in the way that he treats me. I have a feeling that if you get to Whitby (and I pray that you do) - Tukie and Ted will be comparing notes on their insane girlfriends, while holding our bags, coats, watching our drinks and we get up to our normal antics.

So - what did I get?
2Betsey Johnson coats. They were 8 racks of buy one get one free!!!! In the end - the two cost only 100 quid (damn where is the pound sign on this American keyboard!)
Gorgeous skirt for work from Banana Republic - only about 20 quid
Sweet dress for work from Banana Republic - only about 30 quid
An irish rubber duck from Old Navy

Ted got three pairs of black jeans...we tried to get him boots but we weren't really happy with any of to the drawing board.
We also tried to get him shirts that aren't either button down ones that you use for work or band t-shirts...FFS - tried the two 'goth' shops on Long Island...what a freaking joke. They were advertising Justin Bieber merch in one of them. *sigh* The good ol' days for goth on the Island are gone...gone.

Hungry little hippos we were and we were off to some Buffalo Wing place that Ted raves about. TBH, I was so tired, it was a bit overwhelming. There were too many choices for sauces! And btw - fried pickles (gherkins to the Brits) are weird...and I won't be trying them again.

Back at Ted's, we curled up on the couch, drank wine, laughed, watched telly..a normal night in for a normal couple (well, for us)...and finally went to sleep about 1am -ish.

Today - not sure the plan during the day...but tonight is dinner with another couple and then heading off to the city for a club. God I hope it's worth the trek. And me bringing a decent outfit.

So...I am spoiled with new clothes...and more importantly, someone who is just amazing. I can't tell you how much I am treated with the respect and care and attention that I (or anyone else for that matter) deserves. And you know what's great? I don't have that 'oh shit this is the honeymoon stage, it will just start to die off and all of it will be a pale imitation of itself' feeling. This IS Ted...he is just naturally caring, loving, attentive, sweet. Oh god, I think I am making MYSELF sick. to relax and snuggle, sort out a plan of action...or look online for clothes for Ted.
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So although I had a huge wait at the airport (with Wag's and good book so it wasn't that bad), the flight was pretty good with it being virtually empty so I had several seats so I could stretch out. Didn't sleep as much as I wanted on the flight...and I had to check my bag which meant I would have to wait for it...but when we arrived 20 minutes early (top pilot that man) I was all excited!

And then it happened. A full flight from Hong Kong had landed at the same time so the line for customs was GINORMOUS!!!! It was about 30 minutes waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Finally got to the guy and he asks if I was okay after ascertaining I live in London. 'I'm fine, just haven't seen my boyfriend since Christmas.'

'Well, then, let's get you out of here.' And stamped my passport.

Bag was sitting there all ready for me, I quickly went through the last of the security when I got stuck behind a family that looked like they had just moved from Hong Kong for all their luggage and was taking an eternity to walk out...I was getting cranky, especially as I had spotted Ted reading on his nook (like a kindle) I was hidden behind some man with a trolley of enough boxes that they were taller and wider than any of my tallest friends, he didn't see me until the very last second.

Cue big romantic reunion (no - I won't bore you with those details)

Waiting for me in the car was KFC mashed potatoes with gravy (I love that stuff and can't get it in London)

Long ass drive to Deer Park...

Ted has filled the fridge with lots of yummy things that he knows are my favourites..

Cue big romantic reunion again (definitely won't share those details)

We exchanged our Valentine's gifts. Pathetically, we both had the same we had to laugh when I got a bear and he got a kitten (not real live ones, mind you. Although Ted has always wanted a baby bear)

Now my body thinks it's about 11am...NY is telling me it's 6am. So...I have gotten up, had some food, a smoke and having a bit more wine before I try to get back to sleep.

It's so great to see my Ted again...these days will go way too fast...
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But Laughton's (which I never could pronounce correctly) is gone. On the bad side, a place, our kind of like a disco Cheer's is gone. It's sad. I have less memories (but just as foggy) of being there, being that I have only been going on/off for 9 years...but...still, I met my Stuart there... So sadness.

On the PLUS side of this - it seems that the 80's night has been handed to Jo (Magenta Moon) by Simon and with some secret weapons up her sleeve, and some amazing plans, she is bringing it back with the music that we love, the cheese that we love with some special stuff that I am sure will be amazing.

Also on the PLUS side of this - I am no longer banned (or 'asked politely') to not attend the 80's night as I will probably be working part of it...So...the great triple bill of football, 80's night and Nostalgia is back again and if we can win the football (I mean, when we win the football), with Ted at my side, amazing friends around me - the Sunday night will all be for the win!!!

Sadly, the Angel (to not confuse anyone - that is the one across from the Elsi) is closed. They have gone bankrupt. There is a small chance 'someone' will take it over before we get there, but although it would seem that with all the money we spend there, it would keep them in the black the entire year, it's just not the truth and although Whitby holds so many festivals over the year - it just didn't work. Emma is promising to keep me up to date if anything goes in there, but I have a feeling that we will need to find a new place to be our Cheers.I personally think the Res will now be too crowded with the Angel gang moving over and the Elsi is always tooooo small. So, I think Shambles, but I as you know, I pop around all the time while in Whitby, I will probably find myself dragging Ted to all of the venues.

Which for me is going to make this a special and different Whitby. I haven't had a boyfriend in Whitby since I was last up there with Steve (who was my husband)...and that's been YEARS! I think it's going to be odd having to consult someone on where we go, who we see, what we do..but I am looking forward to it. Hey - he doesn't know anything about the place, so he will have to rely on me! :) Cannot wait to share it with him and he meeting all my friends....Already I am seeing us having too much to do with not enough time, but still, that's the excitement of Whitby!!

And hey - I have someone to carry my suitcase!!! tee hee!
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(no Ted this not about you - it's about me)
My friends are sooooo intelligent. They can talk about issues that I kind of know about...but perhaps because how and where I was brought up, I focus on other things. politics here.

I have no fucking clue about Palestine and Israel. That's wrong, I know a bit but I don't understand why, the background, what made this happen? That makes me sound simple, so it's wrong, I have some idea, but I honestly can say that I can't have an opinion either way because I don't know enough to form one.

There are so many issues that you are all so educated about...and all I can add to some conversations is the latest news from the theatre world...(btw - Tori Amos' first musical is coming to the National this year)

I guess I sometimes feel stupid. Or perhaps uneducated...because I know I am not stupid.

I fall I think, into this little gap....I am not the OK Magazine girl (kill me if I ever buy one) but I am not highly aware by searching and learning from the net, books, newspapers, whatever...But then again, I am not that....grrrr.

I know a lot of what I love (theatre, musicals, dance), but I don't know enough of what I really should? is that the right way to say it?

But can anyone really know all of several things (for lack of better word?) I would rather read Stage than something about what is going on politically (unless it affects theatre funding)...does that make me shallow? Ignorant?


oh FFS!

Jan. 24th, 2011 08:45 pm
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The day started badly. I had been having ME/CFS issues all of yesterday....poor Ted trying to take care of me via Skype.

Woke up this morning really shaky and work in the morning was filled with me being very cranky. And short with people.

But then I got the BEST NEWS!! Ted's boss has agreed to his holiday time and now the ticket is bought and once his passport arrives, well, he's on his way!

That put me in a great mood.

And then I got home and found a letter from my flat is being sold and at £315,000 there is no way that I can afford it. I have up to May 28th to move...AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

I love my flat..Anyone who has been here knows how much I love it, how proud I am of it. It's soooooo perfect for me. I love the shops around me, the commute is great for work...I just love it.

And now I have to move...I have looked around tonight. There seems to be flats in my row so it ~might~ be okay, but trying to find something that is of this standard, unfurnished, with wood floors is not going to be easy at what I can afford...unless I move out of the area...and I don't really want to do that. Perhaps, maybe, East Finchley if I can find a nice place, but I would really like to stay in Hampstead Garden Suburb...or if I do change locations, it would be Highgate. I could look to Mornington Crescent though...that's an idea.

Damn...ick and blah!
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My friend Lisa's son lost his battle with cancer yesterday. This gorgeous little boy battled for so long, was so courageous....reading Lisa's journal makes me sob, feel so humble. What the hell do I have to complain about?

I have known Lisa since I was about 7. She was the niece of my first dance teacher. She yelled at me when I cried when my parasol wouldn't open on stage in my first solo. Her brother Rob was my first boyfriend (shit, he was my first everything)....I have known her entire family most of my life. I directed her in The Glass Menagerie in uni...we did so many shows together...she is a talented, amazing woman.

We lost track of each other over the years...but thanks to FB we reconnected...I followed Aiden's struggle, but always thought he would pull through. He had the Hamlin spirit...he just would fight and win....that's the way the Hamlins are....

They had a good Christmas...Mark Sanchez from the NY Jets made that little boy smile...his hero took the time out to make Aiden his friend and give him joy.

My heart goes out to Lisa and her family. I wish there was something I could do. I hope that they take comfort that he is no longer in pain and can now just look down on them and keep an eye on them....


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